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Since 1960, we have been helping local car owners with their repair needs.

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If a car accident in Prince George has left your car looking its worst, you can trust that we have the tools and skills to fix it. Whether there are a few scratches in the paint or your bumper is falling off, we are your auto body repair experts. We can even fix your windshield when necessary. Plus, we accept insurance coverage, so just let us know which provider you have.

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by Dwayne Pommer on Norgate Auto Body Repair

My van had some damage on the bumper due to a hit and run. I brought it in for repair. ICBC agreed to cover the cost of repairing the dent. The van is 10 years old so has some prior dings and scratches on the bumper. Norgate was able to find a used bumper and paint it up so the front end looks like new. I was very impressed by the service. My car had some damage to the dash/glove box area due to a thief looking for money. I had ignored it for months. But after the great service on my van, I thought I would have Norgate take a look at it. They repaired the damage for a very reasonable cost, less than I was expecting. On top of that, they detailed my car before I picked it up, I think they even armour alled my key fob. I drove home with a big smile, feeling like I had a new car. Amazing service and attention to detail.

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