Keep your vehicle looking great 

An automobile with well-maintained paintwork will certainly look younger than one with chips as well as scrapes. Nonetheless, frequently, people don’t understand that basic maintenance of your vehicle can be done right at home.

Keep your car free of outside particles

By doing this, the coating of your car will remain to look terrific. We see on a regular basis things like roadway paint, bird droppings, and also tree sap damages your cars finish. As soon as you discover these points on your automobile, use soap as well as warm water with a clean cotton dust cloth. If this doesn’t work, attempt some auto wax or give us a call. 

Use a rust-proof material every 3 years.

Although the majority of vehicles are currently made using galvanized metals, corrosion can still form. We recommend that you apply a rust-proof product at least every three years, or based on your rust proofing service warranty.

Do not leave subjected paint unsafe.

Things like scrapes and also stone chips unattended will inevitably rust. A lot of Canadian Tire electrical outlets and also car dealerships can market you small amounts of retouch paint that will very closely match the shade of your car.

To learn more tips on basic car maintenance and the top 10 important things you should know, keep reading or give us a call today!