Private Repair

In British Columbia we are required by law to have motor vehicle insurance. Because we are all insured, why is it that private repair is sometimes a better choice than making a claim on your insurance policy?

In cases where you are at fault in an accident and the claim doesn’t involve a lot of money, ICBC sometimes recommends repaying them for the cost of the claim. If your premium would increase more than the cost of repaying ICBC for the repair, it makes financial sense to do so.

On ICBC’s website you will find a premium impact estimator, and you can use it to make the calculations and decide if private repair is your best option.

If you decide that the best choice for your vehicle is to cover the cost of the repair yourself, we are happy to work with you in customizing the repair to suit your budget.

Of course, our technicians will never compromise on the safety of your vehicle in an effort to save money on repairs. However, we can discuss money saving options with you when it comes to repairs that are more cosmetic in nature.

For some repairs, for example, you could choose the option of Paintless Dent Repair rather than having all or part of your vehicle repainted.

In situations where you’ve opted to pay for the repair yourself, we will work with you to save money whenever possible during the repair process.

The fact is that saving money for you is in our own best interest. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer, so customizing the repair process to best meet your needs just makes sense.